Importance of Etiquette

Casino etiquette is much more important than many players think. There are things that are expected of players and visitors at land casinos and it is essential to be aware of these things before planning a visit. One thing to avoid is the use of phones and cameras. In fact, most casinos will prohibit the use of any camera on the casino floor and many will not allow calls or texts to be made or received while sitting at the tables. There are many different things to be aware of and with the etiquette tips below, players can prepare for their experience and act in a manner that is acceptable to others in the casino as well as employees at the location.

Etiquette goes far beyond simply being pleasant to others when gambling. There are a number of things that are frowned upon while playing casino games, especially when seated at the tables. Players who have a complete understanding of what is expected of them will have a much more pleasing experience when they visit Vegas.

Tipping at the Tables

One of the most important things for players to understand when they are playing in Vegas is how and when to tip at the tables. Tipping is not done because the dealer does a good job. It is actually done to prevent the dealers from doing a lousy job during the game. Tips are an incentive and they will often make dealers more pleasant and enjoyable. No one wants to play at a table where the dealer does not interact or support the players. Tipping after a win, whether it be large or small, is a great way to ensure that all players at the table have a positive experience from the dealer. Most players will tip with every winning hand and will pay more when they score a large win. Always tip after a hand or game has been completed and make sure the tip is on the table before betting starts so it does not get confused with a wager or players wanting change.

In addition to tipping the dealers, players will also be expected to tip cocktail waitresses that serve drinks at the table. These tips can vary based on the player, but average $1 per drink ordered. Some will only tip in every other drink to ensure the waitress continues to come back to the table. Keep in mind the drinks are usually free, so it is a small price to pay to enhance the gambling experience.

Etiquette Tips

Saving seats is something that many players will do if they are visiting the casino with a friend. While this is accepted at most locations, be aware of the time of day. During peak hours, seats should not be held since they are in high demand. Technically, players are not allowed to hold any seats at a table, but with slot games, many players will play multiple machines in order to hold a seat for a friend. This is usually okay, but if someone asks for the seat, players should give it up.

Never leave the table or a slot machine for a quick break by leaving a marker or a personal item in a seat. This is Vegas and there are good chances those items will be stolen and the seat will be taken anyway. If playing slots, cash out and take the break that is needed. When playing table games, take the risk of coming back to an empty seat instead of asking for a marker. Even those that do mark at the tables will not be guaranteed a eat when they return, especially if game for an extended period of time.

Always avoid criticising other players that are at the table. Many players are there to have fun and may not have all the experience as others. Do not tell players how to play their hand and do not insult their playing ability. If there is a player that is bothersome or is insulting, move tables and find a different group of players.

Try to be courteous when smoking. There are designated areas in every casino for smoking and non smoking. Even if at a table where smoking is allowed, it is best to ask the player to either side if it will be a problem. Many smoking gamblers assume they have every right to light up when they are in the casino but there is a time and place for these actions.

With these basic tips, players can prepare for a great experience and will enjoy a positive session on slots or at the tables. Always be as polite as possible, tip when required and pay attention to casino rules.