Land Based Vegas Casino Options

When players make the decision to head to Vegas, there is some planning that will be involved. With so many great casinos located throughout the city, players will need to do some research to find where they wish to play. They will also want to consider accommodations. Many of the casinos in Vegas are resorts, offering hotels as well as full scale casinos. These are the best choices for out of town visitors, but they can also be rather costly. One of the first things to consider is the time of the trip. If it is during a Vegas convention, be prepared for hotel prices to be much higher. It is always best to check complete scheduled before travelling to Vegas to ensure the best possible deal can be found when booking at a Casino Resort.

Players will also have to be aware of the location of the casino they wish to visit. Some are located on the Strip, within walking distance to many other casinos, hotels and restaurants. Others are located in other parts of the city. While the off strip locations are a bit off the beaten path, they can offer many benefits. These are often smaller casinos, but they tend to have better overall payouts. Those looking for a gambling session that will yield better returns will probably benefit from off strip locations. Those that are visiting Vegas for the overall experience will want the glitz and glamour that comes along with Strip resorts.

Casinos and Game Selections

When visiting a land casino in Vegas, players will see amazing games that can offer superb payouts. The casinos all have different themes and designs, but many of the games are the same. Players will quickly see the floor loaded with slot games and sections roped off for card and table games. The entire experience can be overwhelming for new players, so it is best to take it slow and start with games that are already familiar. Those that love slots will be pleased to find amazing games from top providers like IGT, Aristocrat and more. The slots that are featured at land casinos can be traditional three reel games or the latest video slots with five reels and multiple paylines. These games are the simplest to play since players will not have to learn rules or strategies.

Experienced gamblers will be more apt to head to the selection of table and card games. These offer better chances at winning than slots and players have more control over the game and the outcome. At Las Vegas casinos, players will find many blackjack and poker tables as well as roulette, craps, sic bo, baccarat and more. The actual selection of table games will vary and some casinos will have certain variations that are not found at other locations. Players need to pay attention to table bet amounts. Those that are casual players will want to find the lowest bet amount and learn what times the casino offers these amounts to be wagered.

Player Perks and Incentives

One of the major differences between playing online and in a land casino is the offering of player incentives. At online casinos, players will be used to getting match bonuses when they register as well as reload bonuses and cash back offers. These seldom exist in a land casino, especially in Vegas. However, the casinos in the city do have great comp programs. Players can earn points as they play any of the games with more points being earned at the tables. These points can be used to pay for hotel stays, food and entertainment at the casino.

Free food and beverages is another perk that can be enjoyed at land casinos in Vegas. Almost every location will offer free drinks to playing customers, so this is a great incentive. Each casino will have their own list of player perks, so be sure to compare these when planning the trip so that the most can be enjoyed from the visit to the casino.

Tournaments and Poker Rooms

Many players will travel to Vegas for the sole thrill of playing in a tournament. These casinos host some of the largest events in the world, including the World Series of Poker. Each casino will have their own tournaments that are being offered and these can include slots, blackjack, poker and other events. Those that are interested in tournament action should take time to learn what different casinos are offering so they can plan their trip around these events.

Poker rooms are huge attractions in Vegas and some of the best casinos in the city have designated rooms for Hold Em and Omaha poker games and tournaments. There are many poker rooms offered throughout the city, some with small bets and others with high roller options.

Taxis and Getting Around

Taking a taxi or Uber will be the best way to get around Las Vegas. I suggest Uber if you have the app it's definitely the way to go. One thing I have a problem with when it comes to Las Vegas taxi's and it's at no fault of the taxi. They charge I beleive $3.00 or more if you pay for your fare using a credit card. This fee is a gouge and really directed at tourists. Let's not kid ourselves Las Vegas was founded by the Mafia and this tactic is nothing short of Mafioso style. Anyways if you pay in cash you're fine and if you take an Uber you're even better off if you're like me and don't carry around much cash.