Online Casino Gambling for the International Crowd

Online casinos provide a unique way for players to enjoy instant access to leading game titles. These games can be played for free and for real money and many of the top rated casino sites operating will accept players from various locations. However, it is still important for players to be aware of their local gambling laws before they access any casino site. Even if a casino does accept players from a certain area, it may be illegal for player to engage in online gambling, so it is essential to be up to date on all gambling laws.

Online casinos cater to a large crowd, so there are many options that are available. Players from different countries can choose their native languages and local currencies to make their gambling experience even more enjoyable. There is also customer support offered in various languages. With sites that accept international players, one will enjoy a complete gambling experience with some of the best games and greatest bonuses online.

US Online Casino Gambling

Online gambling for US residents has been an issue for some time. The country does not support players accessing off shore sites, so a law was passed preventing online banks and credit card companies from approving transactions to such sites. This placed many restrictions on players from the US. However, there are still a number of sites that will gladly accept real money players from the US. The problem is finding payment methods that will be usable, especially when conducting withdrawals.

Since so many players in the US are interested in online gambling, the government recently allowed individual states to legalise online gambling. This happened in 2013. At this time, there are just a few states where online casinos are operating. In order to play real money games at these sites, players will have to be physically located in the state and the casinos use GPS locators to ensure this is happening. In the near future, more states will start to offer online casinos and there is a good chance that inter-state gambling will soon be allowed. This opens the doors for US players who are eager to wager online and enjoy great casino games.

Canada Online Casino Gambling

Canada is one of the most lenient countries when it comes to online gambling. The country supports online casinos being operated in Canada and also allows residents to access any operating site with no legal consequence. The online casinos that are operating within the borders of Canada are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and these sites not only accept Canadian players, but also players from other locations. One of the great benefits for Canadian gamblers is that they have hundreds of sites available since there are no restrictions in place.

Canadian residents cam make use of many different payment methods at online casinos and most sites will allow Canadian Dollars to be selected. These players have a great benefit over many others where online gambling is highly restricted. Canadian players are free to gamble at any online casino in the world and they will have access to amazing games including slots, table and card games, sports books, video poker and many other games and options to place real money bets online. The sites that are operating in the country are well known and are trusted in the industry. In fact, Canadian casinos have such a great reputation that they attract players from many other countries around the globe.

Australia Online Casino Gambling

Gambling is a popular pastime in Australia as the country is home to many land casinos and local pubs that offer great games, especially pokie machines. When it comes to online gambling, there are some laws in effect, though these do not really pertain to individual players. Instead, the government prohibits any online casino from being established and operating within the borders of the country. Even though no online casinos are located right in Australia, players have some great options if they wish to access realistic casino games online or on a mobile device.

There are no laws to prohibit players from accessing licensed online casinos, so players from Australia can play at sites that are operating off shore. The UK is home to some of the more popular casino choices for Aussie players, though there are hundreds of sites that will accept these players and offer great games, easy to use payment methods, Australian Dollars and amazing bonuses and player incentives. Australia is considering legalising online gambling in the country and allowing operators to exist, but no legal changes have been made at this time. For now, players will have to rely on off shore sites if they wish to access real money games online.

New Zealand Online Casino Gambling

New Zealand is another country where many residents enjoy gambling and betting on sports. However, like Australia, there are no operating sites in the country. The laws in New Zealand are quite similar to Aussie laws, but operators are not even allowed to advertise to Kiwi players. These restrictions may make it a bit difficult for players to find sites, but many off shore casinos will eagerly accept any New Zealand gambler. There are no laws that state online gambling is illegal for an individual. The laws only apply to operators who are trying to run casino sites in the country.

When Kiwi players are seeking an online gambling experience, they often turn to UK online casino sites. These sites are powered by the best software in the industry and offer amazing selections of game titles. Players will be able to use great payment methods, including POLi, and they can conduct all of their transactions in New Zealand Dollars. With online gambling being so popular, off shore sites cater to Kiwi players and many will offer special bonuses for residents who sign up and create a real money account.

South Africa Online Casino Gambling

In South Africa, gambling has been restricted for many years and in 1965, all forms of gambling were deemed illegal for residents. The only exception to this is the ability to bet on horse races. Even though South Africa has these laws in place, many players seek out the thrills offered at online casinos. With gambling being so popular, the government changed laws in 1994 and allowed land based casinos top operate. All forms of gambling are not overseen by the National Gaming Board. In 2004, a new version of the law was introduced, aimed at online gambling.

While online gambling is still deemed illegal, there are no legal penalties for players who gamble online. There are some operating sites in South Africa, though these are not licensed or regulated. Players from this country who want a secure experience will be best off seeking out online casinos operating with a license in the UK, Malta, Canada or another well known jurisdiction. There is talk that new gambling laws will be put into effect, regulating online gambling. However, no changes have yet been made. Players who wish to gamble online will still have to sign up at off shore sites until the legal landscape changes in South Africa.

Finland Online Casino Gambling

In Finland, online and land based gambling is legal, though it is all controlled by three companies. Each is responsible for overseeing a certain form of gambling in the country. RAY is the provider of many land based casinos and has the monopoly in the country. These casinos offer table games, slots and card games. Veikkaus Oy is another entity that is responsible for the entire national lottery, all sports betting and any instant win games. Finoto Oy is the third entity, and this is responsible for horse racing. A fourth organisation was added recently, known as PAF. This overseen the gambling activities in the Aland Province.

In regards to online gambling, PAF and Ray control the action and offer legal gambling sites. Players will also have the ability to gamble at off shore online casinos, though the country frowns upon this. However, there are no legal penalties for playing at an off shore site. Many Finish players will enjoy the action of local online casinos, though the game selections are limited and players have fewer choices as they do with off shore online casinos.

Sweden Online Casino Gambling

Like many other countries in the world, the presence of online gambling has caused changes to gambling laws in Sweden. In terms of legality, online gambling is a legal activity in Sweden, though there is only one operator in the country. Under the current online gambling laws, no unlicensed gambling services can be offered and doing so is a criminal offense. Sweden tries to force residents to play at the only operating site in the country, but this greatly restricts players in terms of game titles, bonus opportunities and an overall gambling experience.

Many of the operating online casinos in other countries target the Swedish audience and offer services to players. Unfortunately, there are legal ramifications and the state has taken action in some cases, including criminal prosecution of newspaper editors who ran ads for unlicensed gambling services. Sweden is very reluctant to regulate online gambling, forcing players to seek out off shore casinos to meet their specific gambling needs. This can come at a cost as there are legal penalties for both players and operators, though no serious fines or imprisonment have been issued.

Netherlands Online Casino Gambling

The Netherlands may be known to have easy going laws pertaining to drugs and prostitution, but when it comes to gambling, the laws are pretty strict, especially in regards to online gambling. Based on current laws, Dutch players are prohibited from gambling online, but this only applies to playing at sites that are hosted in the Netherlands. Luckily, there are none, so players really have no legal restrictions. The government has refused to offer any gambling licenses to operators and has also taken great steps to prevent residents from playing at off shore sites. However, with hundreds of sites accepting Dutch players, it has been nearly impossible for the government to monitor all gambling activities.

Online sports betting is legal in the country, but online casino games are not. There is a chance the country will change the laws to offer licenses to foreign competitors, but there will be very strict guidelines in place. At this time, most residents of the Netherlands find their gambling needs met at off shore sites operating in the UK.